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Making DeFi Accessible At Scale
Automated market makers (AMMs) enable market-making to be conducted without an intermediary. Liquidity providers earn systematic returns with passive exposure in the form of swap rewards by giving up their upside or downside. Traders are able to trade with liquidity provided in all scenarios. One of the core problems that ROE Finance solves is that liquidity may be over or under-provisioned. Another problem is that regular users also lack professional expertise on how to execute profitable Uniswap-v3 strategies on their own. The ROE product ecosystem builds on top constant product (xy=k) AMMs by allowing LP providers to earn additional interest income on top of their swap rewards by lending out their LP tokens to interested borrowers who solve these two problems via a variety of trading strategies.


The main guiding philosophies when developing new products under ROE Finance are sustainability, simplicity, and risk management.
Firstly, we believe that yield needs to be sustainable via organic trading activities rather than ponzi-nomics where the primary yield generated is in the form of token rewards which is not sustainable in all market conditions. Each product developed undergoes extensive research and is grounded by proven financial models.
Secondly, we believe in keeping things simple and user-friendly for our users. We consider ourselves as the first users of each product that we develop. Building functions and mechanisms that we as a user would want to have. Therefore, each product has an easy-to-understand use case and a clear risk-reward profile, which is translated into our UIUX and documentation.
Thirdly, we prioritize risk management for our users. We do not expose our users to unnecessary financial and smart contract risks in our products. As a result, we work with battle-tested primitives to create new user flows for our products with clear risk parameters. Before launching our products to the public, we have our code base audited by accredited third parties to ensure that our user’s funds are secure.
Ultimately, we want to help grow the DeFi space for everyone. Join us to help make DeFi accessible to all.


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    Is there a token? Soon
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    Airdrop? Maybe
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    LPs Profit? Yes
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    Traders Profit? Depends on your skill
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